Universal Studios… and art

I was far too tired to write a blog post yesterday as I had been exhausted by the wonderful place that was Universal Studios Hollywood. The ‘entertainment capital of LA’ was much smaller than its Orlando counterpart and had less rides, but it had the distinction of actually being a working studio rather than just a theme park. The world-famous studio tour was undoubtedly the highlight of the day; not even the humour of The Simpsons Ride, the sheer thrills of Revenge of the Mummy or the pyrotechnics of Waterworld could contend. It wasn’t just a tour – it was a tour-de-force of façades, vehicles, special effects, hilarious videos starring Jimmy Fallon and an impressive 3D King Kong experience authorised by Peter Jackson himself. The ‘Have a Tram-tastic day’ song was firmly lodged in my head for the rest of the day.

Some examples of the many facades at the Universal lot.
The Bates Motel – my favourite set from the tour.

Today, after an awesome church service at Reality LA south of Sunset Boulevard, I headed up to the renowned Getty Center for just a short amount of time. While my interest in paintings and sculptures falls far behind that of film, the architecture of the galleries was very impressive, and the views even more spectacular.

The Getty.

I also went to the Santa Monica coast and observed the intimidating and near-impossible ‘Muscle Beach’, where the most buff of the California population go to climb ropes, rings and just generally show off.

I don’t have any pictures of that though.

Ah well.

Tomorrow I’m off to Six Flags Magic Mountain, the multiple-record-breaking theme park which houses some of the fastest and most furious rollercoasters around, another of my passions. I’m now two years post-back surgery so keep your fingers crossed that I don’t transform into a reluctant Nosferatu after going on a particularly strenuous ride. All 3 of you reading this.


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