Lord of the Rings all nighter

Thank the heavens for BFI IMAX. The gigantic Waterloo cinema, which sits in the middle of a roundabout, houses not only the biggest screen in Britain but a superb programme of IMAX films… and the occasional all-nighter. It was back in March 2011 when I attended the first of these, a Batman all-nighter, in which I thought it would be a wonderful idea to dress up as the Joker. Batman and Batman Returns were shown in 35mm whilst Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were shown in IMAX, an exhilarating experience. A few months later I was crazy enough to book for two consecutive all-nighters encompassing the first seven Harry Potter films (I dressed up as Professor Quirrell on the first night). On both of these occasions I produced vlogs detailing what was happening during the night and giving my opinion on each film. Given that I was extremely tired throughout most of the night, my opinions were somewhat frayed and unfocused.

Why so serious? (admittedly this isn't a great picture)

Nevertheless, I persevered, and always had a good time. Last weekend I attended yet another all-nighter, this time including the Lord of the Rings films. I produced yet another vlog. I took a break from materialising in the cinema as villains and instead took a more noble approach, as you will see. I was going to write a few paragraphs on it but I’m still having repercussions from the infrequent breaks and vast amount of sugary drinks we consumed over the night. Here’s to BFI IMAX, and to a whole new season of all-nighters.

Now go ahead and check out my other all-nighter vlogs! Generally they’re a lot funnier than this one was.


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