Review – Immortals

I saw this at a preview the other day. I’ve made an effort to get a brief review out as soon as possible. Here we go:

“Immortals” is kind of like “300”, Zack Snyder’s violent, epic geekfest of Greek mythology, except a lot less camp. The visionary Tarsem Singh calls the shots for the film which chronicles the life of Theseus, a burly Greek hero who has to prevent the evil King Hyperion from obtaining a weapon that can destroy humanity. From the first few scenes, it appears to work. Theseus (played by the upcoming Superman Henry Cavill) is introduced in a scene with John Hurt and one begins to anticipate his journey against evil. From there, however, the plot proceeds to go down in a never-ending spiral that not even Zeus can correct. Mickey Rourke is unimpressive as Hyperion; it’s easy to think that the casting director chose him solely on the grounds of his growly voice. Aside from the casting, the rest of the film is filled with copious amounts of violence and rather silly dialogue. A motivational speech to Theseus’ small army at the start of the final battle is weakly delivered while an unnecessary act of torture in the opening few minutes had every single male member of the audience squealing in discomfort. 

Despite its muddled plot, some of the fight sequences are very impressive and well-choreographed, especially towards the final few frames. Yet one has the feeling that it’s just already been done. It’s exhilarating to watch in the cinema but it’s impossible to praise the film for originality. You see elements of “300” throughout the film, such as frequent slow-motion and extended, gory battle scenes. Both films are overdone in terms of gore and style, “300” having some

Theseus aims the Epirus Bow…

kind of silly charm, “Immortals” being the more serious beast. Despite this, it’s better than some of the more recent big-budget fantasy films, even though its claims of “Epic 3D” on the advertising posters are deliriously misleading; not a single shot in the film had any indication of more than two dimensions.

Nevertheless, I was happy enough when I left the cinema. “Immortals” is nothing special and it won’t go down as the director’s best film but it’s entertaining enough for the average cinemagoer. I just wish they added a little more to that minotaur scene.

3 stars out of 5


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