An introduction to me


I thought I’d start up a blog so I could have somewhere to store my mindless ramblings, incomprehensible jargon and witty musings about film, music, TV, Sci-fi and the many less important things in life. If I, however, frantically started typing away without any formal or informal production, you would likely not quickly gauge who I was or what the hell I was on about or why. This first post, then, is a brief beginning to me, Jacob Osborne (a.k.a. Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan).

I live and go to school in South London (no, I’m not in a gang, and no, I’m not dead yet), have a five-shelf strong DVD collection (and a growing CD collection). In terms of films, I love the work of Tarantino, Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, the Coen Brothers, Hayao Miyazaki, Howard Hawks, Steven Spielberg, Akira Kurosawa, Ingmar Bergman, Billy Wilder, Francis Ford Coppola, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott and countless others that I have not space to mention. Other forms of interest will appear on this blog in due course.

I enjoy confusing people with outbursts (and on occasion, violent paroxysms) of unexplained excitement about upcoming cinema events, blu-ray releases and sci-fi television shows. Now that I’ve founded my own blog, I’m hoping that my… shall we say, enthusiasm, will be vented a little so that I’ll appear a bit more normal. I’m hoping.

What I’m specifically going to write about on this blog will involve news on the latest television shows and films I’m watching (sometimes I’ll see films before they come out and write reviews) as well as my take on news stories, current affairs and Colonel Gaddafi. I hope it will be an entertaining, informative and educational journey for both me and whoever happens to be reading this, whether you’re a mage, a night-elf mohawk or a normal human being. I prefer night-elf mohawks, personally. Of course they exist. Mr T. says so:

I’m gonna give you an offer you can’t refuse. You’re gonna come over here every time there’s a new post and read it. And enjoy it. And commend me for the quality of my writing. Otherwise, you’ll be dead.
¿Comprende? Good. Get ready for the next one. I promise it will be… didactic.


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